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Supporting Liberal Democracy on Both Sides of the Atlantic: A Test of the Checks and Balances Available in Consolidated and Unconsolidated Democratic Systems

  • Valery Perry
I had been worried since the summer that Trump could possibly be elected. From a distance, I could see that he was tapping into a dark vein of American dissatisfaction and sub-culture. The “I alone can fix it” mantra in his acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention, building on a week of divisive and negative rhetoric, gave me chills. My mother was disturbingly confident he would win, as she saw a preponderance of Trump lawn signs in upstate New York but very little similar excitement among Clinton supporters. We all hoped that the polls would be right, that if nothing else the famous “Access Hollywood” tapes demonstrating Trump’s prehistoric view of women and other factors would lead to the expected electoral result. Of course, it did not.