Contemporary Southeastern Europe
Special Issue

Displaced Film Memories in the post-Yugoslav Context

  • Sanjin Pejković
In this article, I will try to discern a few different stylistic and thematic approaches of memory representation of the former Yugoslavia in the post-Yugoslav context. I will focus on notions of displaced mediated memories that we get from documentary films of the once existing country. A lot has been written on filmic aspects of remembrance in the post-Yugoslav area, the so-called Yugosphere, but not that many studies have concentrated on mediated memories of the diasporic groups outside the area that once constituted Yugoslavia. In order to talk about displaced memories of the former Yugoslavia, I need to establish some ideas of displaced filmmaking, memory conveying and representations of history. I will also present a general scheme of connections between documentary filmmaking and memories in the area of the former federation, and then concentrate on what I perceive to be three different standpoints on filmic remembrances outside the region.